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We know that old women are Clinton’s demographic.

The question is whether we want them ruling the country.

I think that’s the deeper subtext of the recent stupidity of Geraldine Ferraro: it’s not so much racism and as competing identity politics: victim-status-envy. Old women who are so close to vindication they can taste it, flush with scorned entitlement as they feel their chances slipping away. It’s no accident that Clinton’s campaign has also exploited tensions between blacks and Latinos.

The real meaning of Ferraro’s comment: why isn’t Clinton going to win because she’s a woman? The significance of age here is their direct acquaintance with the past and the compromised place of both women and blacks, the coming of age in a period of transition for both groups. One revolution gets pitted against the other, as if envious siblings were competing for the attention of neglectful parents. Perhaps that envy has undergone an atavistic decomposition into the prevalent racism of those times.

Obama is where he is because he’s tapping into a desire for decency. Clinton is where she is because in the entitlement of her and her followers, they are simply unaware of their own haggery: fair is foul, and foul is fair.

Poor Graymalkins!

What I’m really trying to say is that Geraldine Ferraro would not be in the trouble she’s in if she weren’t an old woman.


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