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It’s Not Evidence of Absence

More bogus weapons claims from an administration that has no shame:

officials call the best evidence yet that the deadliest roadside bombs in Iraq are manufactured in Iran, but critics contend that the forensic case remains circumstantial and inferential.

Sound familiar? We get it, we get it: “I want to go to war: here’s some contrived bullshit (my reasons — you see, reasons are just the things I say when I want something, and don’t have anything to do with actual reasoning)”.

It’s the job of the press to take every little thing, every one of these “reasons”, seriously, even when they are sopping with ulterior motives. And now the pundits can trade words about them. You can practically see the sheep being herded into their pens — with “reasons”.

But critics assert that nearly all the bomb components could have been produced in Iraq or somewhere else in the region. Even if the evidence were to establish that Iran is the source, they add, that does not necessarily mean that the Iranian leadership is responsible.

Ahem: “inferential evidence is not evidence of absence; if we have to swallow global warming and evolution, then ….”


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