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Andrew Sullivan on the fact that some commenters on Huffington Post took delight int he Cheney Assassination attempt:

I think some Huffposters’ desire to see the vice-president assassinated is repulsive on every level, and indicative of real sickness on the far left.

I was reminded immediately of a certain classic by Chris Rock:

While Sulllivan realizes that Kristol’s post is a “classic gambit” (merely expand the notion of culpability — you are responsible for the views of your readers, or the characteristic views of your “group”; the kind of expansion of culpability behind racist and jingoist impulses); it is one of his many tautological expressions of distance from a “far left” bogeyman. Why not say that it is “indicative of real sickness of the very sick” or “indicative of real far leftism on the far left.” The real meaning: we spare a range of reasonable debate in the middle, cut out and identify both ends (the far left and right), and we don’t bother to ask ourselves how we know whether our views fall within that reasonable middle except to find little bits and pieces we know we can safely condemn before the herd — they will concur. But it is critical to make these bits and pieces representative of some group out there, some substantive entity, rather than an errant few: “the far left.” So we can bravely take these mainstream positions (“2+2=4!”) because we have invented the 2+2=5ists. Have I given an overly complicated description of a straw man? Whew.

But then again, we might surprise ourselves when taking Herr Kristol’s test:

Enlighten us, Arianna. Poll your readers. Ask them: Are they pleased that the attempt against Vice President Cheney failed? Are they grateful that he is alive and well? Do you hope the U.S. prevails in Afghanistan? In Iraq?

Yes, we are so pleased that the attempt on Cheney failed. Each day I light a candle before my picture of Cheney, and each day that his heart faithfully and gently beats him to sleep like a Guantanamo detainee, I tenderly hush the candle, thanking God, not just for Cheney but for the many blessings he has brought to America and Iraq, hoping that we prevail — meaning, prevail in furthering our good work of establishing security and preserving the lives of the Iraqis who aren’t dead or forcefully emigrated, and the good work Padilla, and all those good works, Amen.


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