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the Joint Committee projects that the President’s proposed standard deduction for health insurance, coupled with repeal of the exclusion for employer-paid health insurance, self-employed health insurance deduction, and itemized medical deductions, would result in a $333 billion tax increase over 10 years.

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Really just a metaphor for the Bush administration’s entire tenure:

The dismissal process itself, the documents show, was chaotic and spiked with petty cruelties. Two senior officials joked caustically about U.S. Attorney Carol Lam in San Diego — who prosecuted the corruption case of former congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) — calling her “sad” and saying her record was “hideous.”

“This makes me so sad. Why have I been asked to resign?” U.S. Attorney Margaret M. Chiara writes to McNulty on Feb. 1.

Sad indeed, but also inconsistent:

the firing lists drawn up by D. Kyle Sampson, a former Gonzales aide who resigned last week, frequently changed, rarely including the same group of allegedly inferior U.S. attorneys.

Heckuva job, Sammy, let me know when we’re done eating our own.

Some just laid down — they were “distinguished” after all:

“he wanted us to know that he’s still a ‘company man’ “

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We’re surprised to learn that Prosecutor Fitzgerald is not distinguished. Notice that the Bush administration does not make competence an issue, because competence is precisely the standard you want to avoid when you’re building an organization of mindless cronies. And “not distinguished” means just these things: not blindly loyal, not a “Bushie”, not independent, not willing to make corrupt prosecutions of political enemies … not incompetent enough.

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The Rosie treatment, hilarious, here.

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“Mistakes were made,” Gonzales says without irony — by whom, we are left to guess. Have they forgotten that the phrase should be used only as parody? When those tough, aggressive Bush henchmen are put to the test, we see the miserable passivity.

And then there’s the loyalty factor. For all their talk of liberal “treason”, the far right does not understand that their loyalty to the current administration, come what may, is not the same as loyalty to country, and runs counter to it.

How ironic that some must now try to protect Republicans from themselves, even as they try to minimize the damage they are doing to the United States.

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